CST Industries (UK) Ltd

    CST Industries (UK) Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of cylindrical and VersaTank galvanized steel bolted storage tanks. These tanks are primarily used for storing water in the fire sprinkler, potable water and irrigation markets. The tanks are assembled on site by overlapping and bolting galvanized steel panels. Tanks are sealed using either mastic or a synthetic rubber membrane liner in conjunction with a roof cover to provide a reliable and low maintenance solution for water storage.

    Galvanized Steel Tanks

    Storage tanks manufactured from galvanized steel offer many benefits over other steel corrosion protection systems. Unlike other protective coatings that rely solely on steel panel preparation to obtain adequate adhesion, galvanizing produces a coating that is bonded metallurgically to the steel.

    • Economical solution
    • Provides a tough and abrasion resistant coating
    • Self-healing and long lasting

    Cylindrical Tanks

    Standard cylindrical designed tanks consist of galvanized steel sheets 2.5m long x 1.25m high with thickness varying dependent upon tank size. Tank diameters range from 3.1m to 31.0m with height dependent upon diameter providing capacities from 9m3 to over 4000m3.  Manufactured from mill galvanized steel in accordance with BS EN 10204 or steel in accordance with BS EN 10025 which is subsequently hot dip galvanized to BS EN1460: 1999 standard.  Sheets are assembled on site using a lap joint and galvanized silo bolts. The tank shell is fixed to the concrete foundation using a pre-rolled galvanized angle, clamps and parabolts with a similar stiffening angle fixed to the top of the tank shell.  The tank is supplied with a roof cover, a galvanized access ladder and platform and inlet and outlet connections. Insulated walls and roof cover are also available where the risk of a consistently low temperature would cause a problem.  Ancillaries such as ball valve, heater, contents gauge etc. can also be supplied.

    Potable Water Storage Tanks

    Cylindrical tanks are compatible for the storage of drinking water by utilizing a Butyl rubber membrane liner that is approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) in accordance with BS 6920.

    VersaTank offers design versatility enabling sprinkler water storage tanks to be installed where traditional Cylindrical designs cannot easily be accommodated. The corrugated galvanized sheets provide flexibility in design and ensure application in even the most demanding space restrictions. Almost any shape can be designed around obstructions like building support columns.  Whether the location is in a cramped basement or in an external restricted site, VersaTank can provide a solution for fire sprinkler water storage.


    CST Industries (U.K.) LTD employs its own fully trained construction personnel. Depending on situation, CST can also offer certified and approved construction crews and/or supervision services for local construction crews. Tank jacking equipment is also available.

    CST Industries (U.K.) LTD is a safe contractor approved company (certificate number TN3828).  VersaTank is manufactured from corrugated 3mmhot dipped galvanized steel sheets 2.5m high x 1.0m long conforming to BS EN ISO 1461: 1999. Heights up to 3.0m are available. The tank shell is fixed to the concrete foundation using galvanized angles, clamps and parabolts.  Similar stiffening angles are fixed to the top of the tank shell with knee bracing internal supports on every vertical seam.  Corrugated sheets are fixed together on site using a lap joint and galvanized silo bolts. Tanks are sealed using a high pressure curing mastic around the joints and bolt holes in combination with a 150mm seal pour of concrete.

    VersaTank is supplied with a galvanized corrugated low profile roof cover that is plastic coated on the external side.  A galvanized access ladder and platform, inlet and outlet connections and other ancillaries such as ball valve, heater, contents gauge are included as required.

    Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Services

    CST Industries (U.K.) LTD  also offer ROV inspection, repair and replacement services on existing galvanised tanks.  Contact our local UK facility to learn more. 

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