Focus on Process Water for Power Generation

    Process water can take on many dimensions and compositions throughout the power cycle. Whether you need to store fresh cooling water or desalinized makeup water, CST has the solution to meet your specific needs, provide a low-upfront cost option while delivering superior corrosion resistance.

    CST’s more than 40 years of experience in providing Aquastore® glass-fused-to-steel water tanks and TecTank™ factory coated epoxy tanks to the industrial process water market draws from over 100 years of supplying water storage solutions to the municipal sector.

    While industrial storage needs and life cycle cost perspective differ from this sector, our own knowledge from the industrial water market along with the experience and knowledge gained from these additional applications has helped us fuel continuous improvements in coatings, material and construction processes for the process water market.

    Featured Projects

    • Dry Bulk & Liquid Storage Tanks

    • Architectural Covers

    • Aluminum Domes, Reservoir & Flat Covers