Master Service Agreements for Food Storage Tank Repair & Inspection Services

    As the original equipment manufacturer of Peabody TecTank, Columbian TecTank and TecTank, CST offers Master Service Agreements that are designed to be highly customizable roadmaps for annual tank and silo maintenance, planning and budgeting. Why shop for alternative services, such as local engineering contractors and millwrights, when no one knows your tank better than we do. CST’s specific detailed solutions can help improve your safety, performance, and total life cycle costs – saving you time & money.

    CST has been serving customers for 130 years and is, therefore, one of the most experienced providers in the industry.  We offer a one-stop-shop for all your service needs, including inspections, repairs, modifications, and other specialized tank and silo services for your dry bulk food storage needs.

    Scheduling regular inspections and tune-ups of your tanks and silos every (3-5) years will help implement and control maintenance activities.  By regularly scheduling inspections, assets can reach their designed useful life and improve their safety and performance.

    Our Certified Inspectors will evaluate the overall functionality as well as any specific areas of the customers’ concern.  Tanks will be evaluated against 15-20 critical areas.

    The following areas will be observed where applicable:

    • Concrete ringwall or slab foundation
    • Anchor bolts
    • Grout
    • Exterior sidewalls – general condition
    • Exterior sidewall coating
    • Exterior hardware
    • Visible exterior gasket or sealer
    • Interior skirt coating
    • Hopper coating
    • Hopper hardware
    • Overall roof/deck/dome condition
    • Exterior roof/deck/coating
    • Roof/deck appurtenances
    • Pressure relief value (PRV)
    • Ladders, platforms, safety cages and handrails
    • Appurtenances
    • Other tank features as necessary

    CST will work with you to ensure professional, prompt, and satisfactory delivery of all services contracted. We ensure a superior service experience by providing you with superb customer support, by ensuring your team knows about the resources available to them, and by making it easy for your team to take advantage of them.

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