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  • 1893
    Columbian Steel Tank Company was founded in Kansas City, Missouri.

  • columbianvaportank-small
  • 1916
    Columbian Steel Tank Company introduces bolted steel storage tanks for petroleum storage.

  • history11 
  • 1918
    Black, Sivalls & Bryson of Kansas City enters the bolted steel tank business.

  • history13 
  • 1921
    Columbian Steel Tank Company announces 20,000 tanks sold into 14 countries and introduces “Tanks for the World” identity.

  • history10 
  • 1929
    API introduces API-12B bolted tank standard with Columbian Steel Tank Company leading the way as monogrammed manufacturer of API-12B tanks.

  • history4 
  • 1936
    AO Smith establishes porcelain enamel process and develops a glass-lined water heater.

  • i 
  • 1949
    AO Smith creates Harvestore Products Company to market the glass-fused-to-steel bolted tank technology in the agriculture market.

  • history6 
  • 1964
    Temcor, Inc. founded in California. Buckminster Fuller, the man who invented the geodesic dome, serves on Temcor’s Board of Directors.

  •  r
  • 1967
    Harvestore Product Company launches the Slurrystore liquid waste storage tank brand.

  • e
  • 1970
    Bolted tank division of Black, Sivalls & Bryson acquired by Fred Braun who renames the business TecTank.

  • history2
  • 1974
    Vulcan Tanks, Ltd. in the United Kingdom is founded.

  • history5 
  • 1975
    TecTank was acquired by Peabody International and becomes PeabodyTecTank.

  • o
  • 1977
    Conservatek Industries, Inc. was founded in Conroe, Texas.

  • aquastore_logo_150 
  •  1977
    AO Smith launches Aquastore brand of glass-fused-to-steel tanks for water storage.

  • history3 
  • 1980
    Trico Industries acquires Columbian Steel Tank Company and renames the company Trico Columbian.

  • columbian-steel-tank-logo
  • 1989
    Trico Industries sells Columbian division to Don Wagner who re-establishes the original company name Columbian Steel Tank Company.

  • history9 
  • 1996
    AO Smith purchases Peabody TecTank and merges it with Harvestore Products Company creating AO Smith Engineered Storage Products Company.

  • s 
  • 2000
    CST Industries, Inc. formed with Columbian Steel Tank Company as its initial base business.

  • espclogo_150
  • 2001
    CST Industries, Inc. acquires AO Smith Engineered Storage Products Company.

  • history8 
  • 2002
    CST Industries, Inc. acquires Vulcan Tanks, Ltd. In the United Kingdom establishing its first international manufacturing location.

  • history7
  • 2006
    The Sterling Group acquires CST Industries, Inc.

  • conservatek-150
  • 2008
    CST Industries, Inc. acquires Conservatek Industries, Inc.

  • temcor-150
  • 2009
    CST Industries, Inc. acquires Temcor, Inc.

  • hydrotec_logo_150
  • 2009
    Columbian TecTank launches the HydroTec, PetroTec and BulkTec brands of epoxy coated storage tanks.

  • history1 
  • 2010
    CST Industries, Inc. acquires Weaver Reclaimers.

  • p 
  • 2010
    CST Industries, Inc. combines Columbian TecTank and Engineered Storage Products divisions to create CST Storage.

  • d 
  • 2011
    CST Industries, Inc. combines Temcor and Conservatek Industries divisions to create CST Covers.

  • a 
  • 2012
    CST Industries, Inc. launches the CST Power division to service the unique product and service needs of global Power Market customers.

  • optidome_registered
  • 2016
    CST Industries, Inc. launches the OptiDome flush batten dome as the standard dome design for the municipal market.

  • tectankfp_logo
  • 2016
    CST Industries, Inc. launches TecTank FP, a jackable flat panel bolted tank for the Dry Bulk marketplace.

  • 2018 
    Solace Capital Partners acquires CST Industries, Inc.

  • 2018
    CST Industries, Inc. celebrates 125 years in business.

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