Services company

Services company

إيجاد المنتج الصحيح

If you are looking for one or more products to import from China, please search our team to find the best import solutions for your product and send a detailed report to the best manufacturers of the product which includes the following items:

بحث وتأمين طلبات العملاء من الصين

Search and secure customer requests from China at the best possible price, highest quality and fastest time according to customer specifications and aspirations, including the following steps ::

Communicate with the customer personally, automatically or by phone and receive his requirements and wishes.
Design options that meet these requirements through our team of designers.
Communicate with the best factories in China and negotiate with or on behalf of the customer.
Inspection of preliminary samples and finished products in coordination with the client and to ensure their compatibility or even exceeded by the client’s expectations.
Follow up products during shipping operations, whether marine or air.
Follow-up customs clearance and delivery of products to the customer

خدمات ما بعد البيع

After-sale services of product performance and work on the maintenance, replacement, compensation and support of the customer in any shortage or defect of the product.

تنسيق الرحلات التجارية

Coordinate business flights including airline bookings. Visa. Living. Translators.

خدمات الدعم والتنسيق

Providing support, coordination and logistics services within China, including from A to Z.

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