Company Profile

Company Profile

Start Up

Our company was established in 2010 and started its import and export business to all countries of the world and quickly grew to become one of the leading companies in the People’s Republic of China

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the world’s leading service and logistics companies in China and Asia

Our Core Values


Spirit Our Company

We believe that relying on core values is not just for "big companies". Since our inception, we have set a set of values that we are proud to commit to guiding us to the right path in making decisions, handling and interacting with each other, or with our clients, ensuring our expansion, growth and advancement.



Ensuring excellence in services and staff treatment that achieve long-term growth and ensure customer satisfaction through the adoption of a policy of quality control and assurance, and a methodology based on best global practices in terms of operations and services. Our company focuses on responding quickly to any changes in strategy or guidance and enhancing its ability to deliver full services, involve senior management in performing account functions, and meet deadlines and deliver on promises.


Response Speed

Prepare for a rapid response to changes and take appropriate action to meet the challenges that these changes pose to us.



We believe that the best solutions are the result of cooperation with colleagues and clients alike, and that teamwork can only be proven by close ties and mutual respect.


Respectful Relationships

Our company relies on its vision to build positive and long-term relationships between colleagues, customers and the communities in which they operate. The way we deal with each other in order to achieve our goals is no less important than the goals themselves.



Our title is excellence based on love of work and sincerity in everything we do.

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